We currently have two productions on offer and five more in production.

Bethlehem Boogie

Bethlehem Boogie poster
A seriously funky school nativity by Chaz Wood and Em Wood

“Refreshingly different songs that are deeply musical yet easy to learn” Christine Richards – Head Teacher Steeple Claydon School

BETHLEHEM BOOGIE is hosted by Bethlehem’s finest DJs. A light hearted fun and funky 70s Disco and Motown primary school Christmas musical production written by Chaz (songs) and Emma Wood (script). Our dearest ambition in writing this, our first show, was to touch the hearts and bring a smile and a laugh to all those that read, performed and watched it during the Covid19 pandemic. Many schools made video versions of the show during lockdown. The production has since gone on to be performed live in many schools around the UK.

18 Speaking Parts (can be expanded or reduced). Suitable for a cast of 30-90 aged 4-11. The younger children will be able to join in with all the songs. They have been thoroughly tested on 4 year olds.

7 Songs
Running Time: 30-45 Minutes
Age Range: 4-11

Click to download script preview in PDF format

Download Bethlehem Boogie song preview medley in MP3 format:

There are 7 seriously funky but easy to learn songs and various acting/speaking parts with varying levels of complexity to suit each age group.

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You can find the Bethlehem Boogie songs on all music platforms or on our Chaz Music Youtube Channel

Licensing: £50+VAT per performance (valid for 12 months).

Includes: editable script in Word format, Piano Score, MP3 backing tracks and full vocal versions of each song. No hidden extras.

Mary’s Baby Shower

Mary's Baby Shower a Primary school nativity by Emma and Chaz Wood

MARY’S BABY SHOWER: Mary gets a wonderful surprise – her friends have arranged a surprise baby shower! Hilarity ensues with an audience participation game of “pass the nappy” (don’t worry, it works really well!) but the party is cut short when it’s suddenly time for Mary to travel to Bethlehem where baby Jesus is born.

A funny light hearted musical that delivers the traditional nativity story and meaning of Christmas in a delightfully modern and unusual way. There will be laughter as the children gleefully wag their fingers and sing “You Should Have Booked” and tears or joy when they sing “Goodnight Sweet Child”. A soft ballad that brings the emotion of “Away in a Manger” to the 21st Century.

“Not a dry eye in the hall” Liz Collins – Music Teacher Elstree School

21 Speaking parts (can be increased or decreased)
5 Songs
Running Time: 30-45 Minutes
Age Range: 4-11

Click to download script preview in PDF format

Download Mary’s Baby Shower song preview medley in MP3 format